In the very darkness of your destiny, there is a hidden light of mission. Each step of challenge in transforming darkness into light will not only bring about the transfiguration of one’s life, but it will become an unwavering cornerstone to make the 21st century a century of light. This book invites the reader to a journey from despair to immortal joy─ from destiny to mission. After thoroughly examining the reality of human darkness through social events and historical events, what is the light of hope that yet exists for human beings and the world? “A path from destiny to mission is prepared for all humans. I want to call this truth, that exists at the base of the world, the Principle of Hope”. The words of the author deeply touches our hearts because of the depth, kindness, and the transparent gaze of human darkness, and introducing to us the true stories of those who have begun to live that way. We would like to recommend this book to all who seek the meaning of their own irreplaceable life and the meaning of the trials that come every day.



And just as the karmic destiny conditions are different for each one of us, the way in which the light emerges from within is equally varied. This is a fundamental principle of life.
As each of us moves from darkness into light, this path to become freed from one’s karmic destiny is not just an individual affair. Rather, since we are all a part of a large society, our individual path is connected to the karmic destiny of the larger society. This path shines light upon the key that fits the keyhole.
(From Chapter 7 The Human Mission ─ The Light That Shines Within the Dark: The Birth of One’s Mission)


The Human Fate
The Interpenetration of Light and Darkness in Human History
At the Precipice of Civilization
A Perennial Question: Disenchantment or Optimism about Humanity
Two Types of Education and Society
Preparing for the 21st Century
Contradictions in Human Existence
Recent Events and Our Disenchantment with Humanity
Bullying and Violence
The Startling Decline of Morals
The Endless Cycle of Conflict and War: The Twentieth Century as an Age of Advances and Great Problems
Humanity's Repeated Foolishness: Actions in the Name of God and Ideals
Human Nature: Riddled with Contradictions
Just Being Human Means Having a Dark Side

From Destiny to Mission
From Destiny to Mission 1: Transformation of an Education Based on Fear and Comparing to a New Spiritual Education
The Emergence of Egoism and Nihilism
The Two Mindsets That Permeate the Modern World: Egoism and Nihilism
Everything Needs to Go My Way: The Rise of Egoism
The Three Types of Nihilism in Our Everyday Lives
Egoism and Nihilism Are Ultimately One
The Real Danger Posed by Egoism and Nihilism
Egoism and Nihilism Always Present in Life

From Destiny to Mission 2: Living Out One's True Nature by Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations
Karmic Destiny: A Condition of Being Born Human
Karmic Destiny
Human Life Bound to Karmic Destiny
The Three Karmic Conditions: Biology, Environment, and Ideas
The Karma of Biology: Our Ancestors' Heritage
The Karma of One's Environment: The Land's Heritage
The Karma of Ideas: The Zeitgeist's Heritage
The Four Aspects of Karmic Destiny: Natural, Unconscious, Dominant, and Absolute
The Absolute Laws of Life: The Fundamental Structure of Destiny

From Destiny to Mission 3: From Cynicism to Spiritual Liberation
The World's Condition: The Law of Impermanence and Disintegration
The Law of the World: All Is Impermanent, All Is Without Self
The World's Condition: The Law of Impermanence and Disintegration
The Entropic Universe
The Law of Impermanence and Disintegration in Human History
The Law of Impermanence and Disintegration That Operates in the Soul
What about the Principle of Hope?

From Destiny to Mission 4: From Discrimination to Equality
The Key and the Keyhole
Goodness in the Human: A Positive Evaluation
Witnesses to the Light That Exists with Us
The Key and the Keyhole
The Doors Opened in Japan
The Doors Opened in the World
The Law of Interaction Between Humans and the World
To Access the Blueprint: How to Find the Key
All Rejections Are a Prelude to Acceptance

From Destiny to Mission 5: From False to True Success
The Secret of Life
The Secret Light Within
Helen Keller and Her Triumph over Her Disabilities
Profound Reflections from the Dark and Silent World
Gandhi and His Shame for India
Nation-Building on a Non-Western Truth
Prince Shotoku's Prayer for Peace
Overcoming Karmic Destiny

From Destiny to Mission 6: From Revenge to Love
The Human Mission
The Light That Shines Within the Dark: The Birth of One's Mission
The Three Realizations: The Path to Freedom
Responding to Human Responsibility
Achieving Complete Freedom of the Soul
The Light as an Inheritance for Children

From Destiny to Mission 7: From Winning to Helping
The Principle of Hope
How Was Gandhi Able to Appeal to the World?
The Message Touches the Hearts of All
History Made from Souls Who Respond to the Calling
The Micro and Macro Working Together
The Principle of Hope
The Principle of Hope
By Keiko Takahashi
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