About us

Our Goal

The world today is in an unprecedented flux.

With the uncertain future of the international society, the remarkable development of artificial intelligence (AI), and the arrival of the "era of 100-year lifespan," ways and structures of society will fundamentally change, and conventional values and norms will no longer be certain. In such a situation, what should we rely on, and how should we live our lives? Many people may be looking for the answer.

We believe that Keiko Takahashi's Study of the Soul can answer those questions.

The perspective of humanity and the world where humans are considered as souls reveal the unchanging truth of human beings and the world, regardless of the changes that take place in the era and the society, and gives each individual an unwavering way of life. No matter what trials or problems are faced, anyone can bring out the infinite possibilities hidden inside them and live with radiance. The key is none other than the practical philosophy called the Study of the Soul.

We will strive to contribute to the creation of a new society and culture where all people can live the best life by publishing writings by Keiko Takahashi and writings by experts of business management, medicine, education and legal field who practice the Study of the Soul (Total Life Human Studies).