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Reversing Destiny

Miracles Started from One Choice

"Destiny is out of my control. It comes down on me from outside and tosses my life about." If this is how you feel about your destiny, this book will serve as the guide through the road to awakening to completely change your life. Just like the five real-life stories depicted in this book, you not only free yourself from the oppression of destiny, but discover your mission in life, and begin a journey to respond to it. Keiko Takahashi unsparingly reveals the laws of life and guides those that endeavor to seek a brighter future for themselves.

The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life

5 Inner Revolutions to Change Life and Work

This book depicts the lives of five individuals who live by the Soul Doctrine. Their amazing transformation is neither fantasy nor fiction, but real life stories based on facts.

Your Best for a New Era

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Life work, or mission-work brings each person a deep sense of fulfillment to feel"This is the reason I was born," drawing forth an imaginable power from within them.

The Path of Prayer, Revised Edition

For a Supreme Dialogue

May we return to ourselves no matter what the circumstance. May our loneliness and emptiness be healed; and may we take on with courage the reality that falls upon us, however harsh it is. May we attune our ears to hear the voice of the Great Existence, or God, who is always calling out to us. This book was born from these hopes. It would be my greatest joy if you could walk the path of life with this by your side, as your life companion, during times of happiness and sorrow. (from Preface).

Realm of Hope

Seeking an Uncharted Land

The new story that began from the disaster of March 11 gives us a never ending hope.
"Even if there are one thousand ordeals or ten thousand difficulties, from each and every individual who accepts them, one thousand paths to hope or even ten thousand paths to hope will emerge. Isn't that the realm of hop we should be seeking?" (from Prologue)
The author's third book of poems on life after the earthquake on March 11, 2011. Filled with deep thought and prayer, the 24 photographs and poems resonate with the souls deep within us and emanate the light of hope that does not fade.

To the Land Beyond

A Message from the Disaster of March 11

There is a place for us to go.
What is the heart and mind we should now seek,
the bonds we should build,
and the form a new nation and new civilization should take?
24 additional poems and photographs of life after Beyond the Vast Wasteland.

Discovery of the Soul

Power to Break Through the Limitation of the Era

This book reveals the next phase of your life that you now seek, opening new doors for you and your life, your home and workplace, and Japan and the world.

Beyond the Vast Wasteland

24 Poems and Photographs of Life after the Great Earthquake of East Japan

The Reason Why You Were Born as You

Your questions about life will be transformed to deep convictions and the true story of your life will be revealed.

The New Human Force

The Declaration s-"I Will Change Myself"

The keyword of this era is "Change." What is needed in order for society, the era and the world to change, however, is actually that each of us changes. How, then, can we change ourselves and how should we change? This book provides clear and concrete paths and methods for this.

The Grand Challenge

From the 20th to the 21st Century: Transcending the Faultline

The book provides a map to take us from the 20th century to the 21st century,that is calling for a more holistic integration between the spiritual and material (phenomenal) worlds.

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The Principle of Hope

Karmic destiny controls human lives with an irresistible force. The book shows the path on which everyone can transform their karmic destiny to the "mission" that only they can fulfill.

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