Profile of Keiko Takahashi

Keiko explains how numerous problems in society today stem from the hollowness of existence in which people have lost their origin of the soul as eternal life. She compiled a new view of humanity and the world as the Study of the Soul that will act as a guide to restore the origin of the soul. This view has been further organized into a system of practical techniques and principles that anyone can follow in their day-to-day life.

Currently, she gives over 300 lectures and personal guidance sessions a year as the leader of GLA: a group of practitioners for the Study of the Soul. Along with providing guidance to people of all ages and occupations, she also looks into the future of Japan and the world, guiding specialists in numerous fields including business management, medicine, education, law, and arts. Her exceptional dialogues confront real life problems from the dimension of the soul, which has earned her explicit trust from people in numerous fields as a comprehensive consultant for work and life.

Her main works include “The Golden Path”, “How to Make Your Life the Best”, “The Reason Why You Live There”, “Reversing Destiny”, “We Can Change the Future!”, “The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life”, “Your Best for a New Era”, “Realm of Hope”, "Adventure of the Soul", "Discovery of the Soul”, “The Path of Prayer”, “The Reason Why You Were Born as You”, (Sampoh Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many more.