We Live in a “Time of the Unbelievable”
At the end of 2019, when we first learned of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China, who could have imagined the global turmoil that would follow? For many people, it must have been something so unbelievable that they never thought it would happen.
COVID-19 spread quickly around the world at a speed never seen with other coronavirus types. It has not only caused the loss of 5.5 million lives (as of January 2022), but it has also caused huge economic losses and drastically changed how people live in many countries.
We are living in a “Time of the Unbelievable.” “How could such an unbelievable thing happen in this day and age,” we think, only to see it become a reality. We live in an unpredictable age when we do not know what will happen, and it is not surprising that anything can happen.
What is your reality? Not a few people have found their daily routines, work, and life completely changed over these two years.


The “Ultimate Choice” Is the Key
What the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed is that the future always defies our predictions, and the events that have disrupted human society have taught us that, throughout time, the world has impacted us in ways that we could never have imagined.
In other words, we have always lived and will continue to live in a world in which we never know what may happen, a world in which anything may happen. The time of the unbelievable will continue endlessly. The question then is, how should we live in such times?
The key is to make the “ultimate choice.” No matter what kind of times we live in, we are compelled to make an ultimate choice as human beings. Most people today are perhaps not even aware of this inevitable choice. It could also, in a sense, be called the “forgotten choice.”
What is this ultimate choice? And once we have made a choice, how are we to live in a world that stretches out beyond that choice? The purpose of this book is to answer these questions.






We Live in a “Time of the Unbelievable”
The “Ultimate Choice” Is the Key
Chapter 1: Which of the Two Doors Will You Choose?
The Ultimate Choice
The Invisible Choice That Is at the Foundation of Innumerable Choices
Changing Our View of Humanity and the World Will Change Everything
Humanity Viewed Materialistically or as Eternal Life
Coincidence, Chance, or Meaningful Inevitability?
People Cannot Live Exclusively in the World on the Left
The Two Doors ─ Which Will You Open and Enter?
The Trials of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Medical Practices Protecting Children’s Lives
The History of Pediatric Home-Visiting Medical Care
A Young Girl with a Congenital Heart Disease
It Is Because He Has Been Living Through the World of the Door on the Right
At the Beginning Was the Choice of the Two Doors
Undertaking the New Challenge of Pediatric Home-Visiting Medical Care
Supported by the Children
Further Challenges ─ Resolving the Legal Aspects
If the Door on the Right Had Not Been Opened
Gaining the Strength to Complete Our Lives
Chapter 2: Know Your True Heart
I Never Realized I Had These Feelings
A Society of “Raw Honest Feelings” and “Public Stance”
The Proper Use Is the Secret of Life?
The “True Heart” Hidden Behind “Raw Honest Feelings” and “Public Stance” Holds the Key
There Is a Reason Why We Live with “Raw Honest Feelings” and “Public Stance”
The Problems of Home Nursing Care
A Harsh Upbringing
Conflicts with Her Mother
Opening the Door on the Right ─ To the View of Humanity as Eternal Life
We All Have Limitations to Freedom ─ Life is Structured to Bring About the Cave of Karmic Destiny
Finding Freedom Through Discovering Our “True Heart”
“Why Do Things Turn Out This Way?”
The Limits of the World Behind the Door on the Left ─ A World with Only “Raw Honest Feelings” and “Public Stance”
The Bodaishin, the “True Heart” in Each of Us
Generating the Power to Connect the Ideal and Reality
Chapter 3: Search for the Purpose of Your Life
The True Heart That Permeates Life
The Purpose of Life
Life Begins from Oblivion
The “Signs” of the Soul’s Aspiration
The Approaches for Seeking the Aspiration of the Soul ─ The Clues to be Found in the List of Aspired Vocations
The World Guides Us
A Life That Began with a Scattered Family and Isolation
Clashes with Father
It Was as if Life Had Ended ─ Nothing Was Going as He Had Hoped
A Sliver of Light ─ The Road to Becoming a Patent Attorney
His Soul Had Been Searching for His Life Purpose All Along
Drawing Out His True Heart by Facing Up to His Problems
Having Recovered Lost Ground, But Still Not Fulfilled
Witness to Acts of Creation
Finding His Vocation ─ A Glimpse of His Life Purpose
Connecting the Ideal to Reality with the True Heart
The Steps That Lead to Ultimate Fulfillment
Chapter 4: Let Others Live in Your Heart
In Every Kind of Worry, There Is the Shadow of That “Someone”
“It’s the Fault of Something Other Than Myself” ─ A Sign of Distrust of Others
“Me, Rather Than You” ─ A Sign of Distrust Appearing as Disrespect for Others
Begin with a Small Practice
Let Others Live in Your Heart
A Major and Fundamental Failure ─ There Were No People in His Heart
Success in Japan ─ But the Days are Unfulfilling
Starting Practice
Standing in the Other Person’s Shoes
A Change of Perception ─ A Shift Occurs While Making a Commercial
A Kind and Attentive Listener ─ After the Big Campaign
A Photographer with People in His Heart
The Spiritual State of Depicting What Cannot Be Seen
The Spiritual State of Being Compelled by Something Other Than Oneself
The True Worth of a Photographer
Flight to a Place We Could Not Get To
Chapter 5: Stop Labeling
The Nihilism That Is in All Our Minds
Stop Labeling Things Good or Bad
The Mirror of the Mind ─ Is That Apple Really There?
Interstate Relations
And That Is Why the “Method for Engaging Chaos” Is Necessary
The Limits Reflected in the Mirror of the Mind
All Things Have Meaning
Chaos Comes Looking for Us
Labeling Only Amplified Her Trials
The Support Provided by the “Study of the Soul”
The Background of Our Life That Reinforces Labeling
Why She Chose to Go Into Education
A Decisive Encounter ─ The Experience of Living Together
There Is Something That a Student Who Cannot Do Anything Teaches Us ─ The Power of Existence, the Power of the Soul
Listening to the Voice of the Soul
Gratitude and Contribution ─ Summing up Her Career as an Educator
Lend an Ear to the Calling of the “Now”
Chapter 6: Take Out Treasures From Hardships
The Concept of “Kintsugi”
Do We Want to Cast Away Failure, Defeat, and Stagnation?
Is Everything Really All Over? ─ The “Method for Engaging Chaos” and the Law of “Life = X × Y”
Deriving Positives From Negatives ─ The Paradoxes and Dialectics of Life
Trials Are Callings ─ A Guiding Principle Flows Within the World
Taking Out Treasures From the Ys of Life
Living With a Materialistic Worldview
Taking on the “Three Streams of Influence”
Opening the Eyes of the Mind ─ Entering the World of the Door on the Right
Uniforms That Make Working People Shine
A Company in Which All Employees Can Shine
He Never Thought of His Employees or Customers as Partners
The Outcome of the Two Ys of Life
Raising the Dimension of the Totality of Life
Chapter 7: Continue “Doing”
Nothing Starts Without Taking Action
The Universe of Excuses
The Zone of What I Really Cannot Do and the Zone of What I Do Not Do Even Though I Can
“Fixation on What Cannot Be Done” and “Idling Caused by What I Won’t Do”
The Separation of the Two Zones
Expanding the “Ring of What I Will Do”
The Ring of Causes and the Ring of Results
The Continue “Doing” Checklist
When the “Ring of What I Can Do” Expands
To Serve Our Purpose of Life
Engaging With the World on the Right From a Young Age
Two Schools of Learning
Despite Drafting a Blueprint of the Future
A Thousand-Day Practice Started with “Ah Well, That’s All I Can Do”
Applying the “Seven Checkpoints” to Go Beyond the Unspoken Manual ─ Secondment to a Major Company
Continue “Doing” ─ Practice in a Power Company
Accessing His Purpose of Life

Column: Practice of the Two Rings ─ Broadening the “Ring of What I Will Do” to Expand the “Ring of What I Can Do”
Chapter 8: Be the One Who Creates the Cause
How to Cope with an Enormous World
What Does It Mean to Take the Initiative?
To Take the Initiative Is the Power to Create a Cause
Will You Be on the Side That Creates the Cause or the Side That Waits for the Outcome?
The Vital Twenty Percent ─ The Pareto Principle
Even with More People ─ The Principle of Tug of War
The Business Meeting ─ Fade-Out Mode
The Instant Initiative Is Taken Back ─ You Can Get Out of Fade-Out Mode
“In-En Side” or “Kaho Side”
Acquiring a New Way to Live ─ Revising the Unspoken Manual
Starting from the “Kaho Side” That Waits for Results
Amplification of the Mindset of the Kaho Side
The Prison of Self-Denial
Doing Penance by Becoming the Company President
Encountering the World of the Door on the Right ─ The Start of Her Practice of the “Study of the Soul”
Transitioning to the Side of Creating the Cause, to the “In-En Side”
Engaging with the Employees ─ Revision One of Her Unspoken Manual
I Will Take It On ─ Revision Two of Her Unspoken Manual
Reestablishing the Bonds with Her Mother
The Power to Make Every Life Radiant
The Two Doors(『2つの扉』英語版)


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