What Is the TL (Total Life) Human Principles Practice Series?

In this 21st century, we now live in the era for "Revolutionary Changes." The difficult problems that have accumulated in the world are so deeply rooted that they do not allow a piecemeal approach and require us to make fundamental changes.

TL Human Principles tells that these confusions of our present times derive from the fact that human beings have lost sight of the bonds, or invisible connections between person and person, human beings and nature, human beings and society, our selves and our lives, and the mind and the body. It shows us the path for restoring these bonds so that we can deal with the confusion.
Based on the new perspective of human beings and the world advocated by Keiko Takahashi in TL Human Principles, many people have already rebuilt their lives and regenerate the industries and work fields in which they are involved.

In this "TL Human Principles Practice Series," you will discover the steps taken by those who have challenged themselves to strive for new ways in management, medicine, education and other professional fields , based on the TL Human Principles advanced by Keiko Takahashi. We are publishing this Series with the intention that it will serve as a foundation of a new civilization that will be born from it and with a strong resolution that a century of Hope will folded in the 21st century.


The following books are all in Japanese.
   21st-Century Patient Studies- When Doctors Change, Patients Change   
Thank God, I Am Still Fine Today!
by Yusuke Kawazu (Actor)

"How do we live with all our might?", "How do we love truly?", "God certainly exists!"... With his heart 30% power downed, the author declares, "This is my very meaningful condition God gifted me. And that is why I want to live my gifted time with all my might." Author's pressed out message describing his days full of good cheer.
   21st-Century Patient Studies- When Doctors Change, Patients Change   
Thank You for Getting Born: From a Home for Children with Developmental Disabilities
by Hiroshi Konomi (Director of a Facility for Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disorders)

Leaving the frontiers of medical researches, the author threw himself into a special hospital for children with severe motor and intellectual disorders. This book describes his trials as a human being more than a medical doctor to find ways to solutions together with their mothers with full of tears and laughter. How should we get along with children? A book highly recommended to all who are worrying in the scenes of parenting, education and medical care.
   21st-Century Patient Studies- When Doctors Change, Patients Change   
Cure Your Headache, Change Your Future
Interpreting Frequency of Pain as a New Method for Cure

by Hiroshi Yamada (Headache Specialist Doctor)

The author introduces a new path of treatment by classifying all headaches into 4 categories.
   21st-Century Patient Studies- When Doctors Change, Patients Change   
The Reason Why I Lecture, Despite My Hearing Loss
Wishing to Listen to and Convey the Voice of Heart

by Eiji Matsuhashi

Revealing the truth of life that the author came to grasp through his hearing loss, this book gives profound courage and hope to those whose family members have disabilities or those who live bearing pain and sorrow.
   21st-Century Patient Studies- When Doctors Change, Patients Change   
Stay Healthy till 100
Recommendation on Predictive and Preventive Medicine

by Tokyo Total Life Clinic

For health and longevity, this book introduces the latest knowledge about how to predict and prevent locomotive syndrome, dementia, and stroke in order to avoid becoming bed-ridden.
The Spirit of "I Will Change Myself" Will Protect the Earth
The 21st-Century Declaration of the Human Environment

Professor Wakimoto, who over many years has tackled the problem of environmental pollution caused by harmful chemical substances, has created the path for solving our environmental problems at their roots in layman's terms. Based on his experiences as Japan's leading dioxin researcher who has actively sought the cooperation of citizens and of municipal and national governments, he speaks to the readers with passion and candidness as "one human being" rather than as a scientist. This book shows us in specific terms what each of us can do to protect the earth and human life
   21st-Century Patient Studies- When Doctors Change, Patients Change   
21st-Century Patient Studies- When Doctors Change, Patients Change
by Shigeki Mabuchi (Director of Hongo Total Life Clinic Internal Medicine)

Because we have fallen ill, we can lead a new life!
How can we accept and overcome illnesses? This book clearly depicts the path for accepting an illness as "a calling," releasing our inner "human force," and unfolding a new life. The real life experiences of the twelve people described provide us with courage to lead our lives just as they have transformed theirs to new lives, which all began with their illnesses as a starting point.