The following books are published in Japanese.
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The Reason Why You Live There
Finding Your Mission in Life

"Why am I here?" If you solve this mystery, the mission in life that only you can fulfill will come into view.

Reversing Destiny
Miracles Started from One Choice

No matter what trials you are facing, this book enables you to break through the limitations with the power of your soul?true human force? and revive the purpose and mission in life.

Beyond the Vast Wasteland [Extended Edition]

In addition to the 24 poems and photographs published soon after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011, this extended edition includes the author?s new writings in 2016, 5 years after the disaster.

We Can Change the Future
Chaos-Perception Approach Makes Us Stronger in the Face of Trials

This book teaches you how to create the time machine of life that enables you to change the future. Through the real stories of the four people who have drastically changed their lives, the answers to life?s questions will be yours.

The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life
5 Inner Revolutions to Change Life and Work

This book depicts the lives of five individuals who live by the Soul Doctrine. Their amazing transformation is neither fantasy nor fiction, but real life stories based on facts.

Era of Everyone Doing Their Personal Best
How to Find Your Mission in Life

Discover your lifework, the very reason and purpose of your life, and bring forth a sense of fulfillment and unimaginable power from within you.

The Realm of Hope
Pursuing an Uncharted Realm

The new story that began from the disaster of March 11 gives us a never ending hope.

To the Land Beyond
A Message from the Disaster of March 11 Available in English

There is a place for us to go. What is the heart and mind we should now seek, the bonds we should build, and the form a new nation and new civilization should take? 24 additional poems and photographs of life after Beyond the Vast Wasteland.

Discovery of the Soul
Power to Break Through the Limitation of the Era Available in English

This book reveals the next phase of your life that you now seek, opening new doors for you and your life, your home and workplace, and Japan and the world.

Beyond the Vast Wasteland
24 Poems and Photographs of Life after the Great Earthquake of East Japan Available in English

I feel there has been some kind of great change in us since the earthquake. I believe such change must continue. To that extent there is deep meaning in calling such a situation a "national crisis." How should we now view the world? What should people now seek? What should we bequest to the next generation? (from Prologue)
The Adventure of the Soul
All Answers Lie in Ourselves

If you now feel some limitations, bring to your mind that you are the existence of soul linked with the universe. The all-containing universe spreads not only around us but also inside ourselves, and we ourselves are a part of the universe. We have everything inside ourselves: unlimited possibilities, powers to picture our future freely and abilities to actualize those pictures. Once we can go back to that starting point, new possibilities will appear without fail. Now comes the time for us to believe in the power of universe inside ourselves and to start our steps to bring out that power. (from Prologue)
Calling: Trials Are Callings

Trial is not only what gives us sufferings and difficulties. It also invites us to the life-style that has been insufficient so far, to the life-style we should aim at and to the next stage of our life. And moreover, it even throws light on our desire hidden deep in our mind and guides us to the right path. The message the author yearns to send now to you in the midst of trial.
The Guide to Solving the Equation of One's Destiny

Destiny is not a mystery veiled with a fog but a equation marvelously exquisite and clear. Once we can solve the equation, we will be able to understand the past, foresee the future and start our steps to the brilliant new life.
The Path of Prayer, Revised Edition Available in English
For a Supreme Dialogue

Only by putting yourself in accordance with the rhythm of "words" in this new life-style book just like listening to music, you can regain your true own self. Long-seller read by 400 thousand readers.
The Reason Why You Were Born as You Available in English

There is a law of cause and effect, principle of causality that explains why you live your present life, why you are here faced with this reality. If you go forward with the knowledge of the law, your true story will be spun. This book answers to the question about life that everyone at least once has.
The Issue You Want Most to Solve Now

This book presents thirty-one concrete example of problems we might worry about at the crossroads of our life, in our human relations, for our health and finances, then guides us to the path for solutions in the form of advice columns. And the path showed is consistent in its attitude: accepting the problem as a calling to our life and metamorphosing ourselves along with the problem/reality we are faced with. The coaching book for our life with which we can review our life-style thoroughly.
What We Want to Know Most about Life
Toward the Age of the Big Cross

Answers to the "Questions about Life" that you have most wanted , but have not been able to find; about relationships with others, about work, about living with an illness, your potential?they are all here. This book is made up of 40 chapters and is the crystallization of the author's quest for and discovery of the truth of life, since she was a youth. It will serve as a true companion to your soul from which you can seek advice about life and which will always be by your side as it gently talks to you.
Prayer for Two Thousand Years
Eight Figures Who Lived the Mind of Jesus Christ

The eight Christians who lived their life questing the mind of Jesus Christ for two thousand years: Peter, Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc, Francis Xavier, Martin Luther, Theresa Martin, Inazo Nitobe and Kanzo Uchimura. Now passed the baton of their wish to us living in our own era!
The Declaration-"I Will Change Myself"

This is the second book of "Revolutionary Change." The era is now calling to us to "change." This book shows us the path that enables everyone to change through 24 approaches that are easy to understand.
The New Human Force
The Declaration-"I Will Change Myself"  Available in English

In the 21st century, we are faced with problems on all sides. There are difficult problems of the times and society which are calling for us to make "Revolutionary Changes." However, we do not know where to begin or how to make these changes. This book provides the answers and examples to everyone who really wants to change.

The Trilogy of "Human Principles of the 21st Century"
Approaching the Real State of the World

For every incident, there is a background that produces it and there is a path to overcome it. This book guides you in finding the causes of your worries over your work or human relationships and shows you the path to surmaount them. This also leads to your bringing forth your true brightness of the soul within you. Here is the key to the new era.
The Principle of Hope Available in English

Karmic destiny controls human lives with an irresistible force. There is, however, "the great principle of life" which transforms that destiny. This book will bring an inextinguishable light of hope to you as you live through this era of confusion.
The Grand Challenge
From the 20th Century to the 21st Century:Transcending the Faultline Available in English

In today's world of problems and confusion in the environment, economy, and social systems, ought we not face up to our own selves with composure? This book shows us a fundamental way to break through our confusion and enter the new era.

Toward the Origin of Wisdom
Ten People Who Brought Forth the Dawn of the Era

There is a way! This book breathes life into the messages of ten religious figures of Japan-Saicho, Kukai, Honen, Shinran, Rennyo, Dogen, Myoe, Doshu, Tetsugen, and Ryokan-all of whom stood up against the crises of their eras, firmly believed in the potential of human beings, and devoted their lives to bringing it to fruition. Transcending time, they provide us with a way out of the confused picture of the present day.
Silent Calling
The Impulse of the 21st Century

Human beings are souls who, with a single earnest wish engraved in their hearts, have plunged into this world of interplay between light and darkness. When we try to listen to the "Silent Calling" that is calling out to every human soul, we will hear the "voice" that is telling us of the advent of the new era.
The Sentient World

The author is led to meetings with others and takes on a pilgrimage of their souls as her soul guides her. Wherever she goes, there emerge innumerable layers of light and shadow that have accumulated there. The stories of souls forgotten by history will begin and quietly heal our hearts.
Heavenly Tears

"Convenience and wealth, progress and expansion will solve all problems and bring happiness"-Now that our old dream has collapsed, on what should we base our lives? This book shows human beings, who harbor deep and enormous contradictions, the bond that we have with the eternal dimension-the souls' true homeland-which sustains us as we are and upon which we are to root ourselves.
Songs of Heaven and Stories of the Earth

It is not only that people are helplessly consumed with nihilism or that they are controlled by their karmic destiny. This book includes the stories of souls, who, torn between yearning for heaven and nostalgia for human beings, could not keep from seeking the true way of life.
The Six Revolutions of the Hearts

Before the Meiji Restoration, young activists passionately talked about their dreams. On the eve of the 21st century, how can the "modern-day young activists" open the door to the new era? The author ardently inspires you through the lives of Meiji Restoration activists and other predecessors.

Visual Books of Total Life Human Principles
The Wonder of Our Hearts That Create the Future

Gandhi and Hitler were born in the same era. Why did these two men live totally different lives? Based on the class conducted by the author, this first visual book by the author has been created so that a parent and a child can talk together and think about human beings, their hearts, and the future.
You Are an Adventurer Who Opens Up the Future

Young boys' and girls' screams from their hearts are everywhere. The urgent theme that is being called out by the era is to reveal the inner "Plan" for realizing our dreams for the 21st century. The author's second visual book is not only for children but for all people that take on challenges in their lives.
The Wonder of the Connections in the Universe

We are not isolated but are surrounded, supported, and given chances to live by infinite connections and friendships. For us to create a future of hope, this visual book will guide us in opening the door of "Connection" and exploring the "Wonderland" of the universe.

Secrets of the Thee Wisdoms

What is the meaning of the trials we face in life? When we take them on, what are the possibilities that open up for each of us? This book is an account of teachings based on the themes of the meaning of trials and how to take them upon ourselves. This is not only for children but is also an important theme dealing with the roots of living which none of us can avoid.
   Magical Powers of the Heart Seeking for the Two Things That Are One   
Magical Powers of the Heart
Seeking for the Two Things That Are One

"Magical Powers" are hidden inside each person. This picture book depicts what this "Human Force" is and what to do to manifest it.
   The Wind of the New Millennium   
The Wind of the New Millennium

From her calendars and journals over a period of fifteen years, about two hundred of author's poems and forewords have been selected and compiled as a precious and irreplaceable companion for your life and as a guide for creating the new era and society.