Our Message
Our Wish from Sampoh Publishing.

♦Toward the Age of the Big Cross
     We now face enormous and extremely difficult problems. These serious conditions suggest that the framework of our social system is on the verge of collapse from its foundations. Unemployment caused by corporate restructuring, breakup of families, and deterioration of education, all these unprecedented hardships and anxieties threaten us and upset our hearts. We believe that the entire age is seeking answers to these questions: "How can we find strength to live from now on? How can we solve these problems and create a new future?"
  We believe that the most reliable plan for us to follow as we strive to solve the many problems carried over from the 20th century and to create a new civilization of the 21st century is for us to reunite with the "Big Cross," which supports mankind and the world at the deepest level. This profound perspective on human beings and the world advanced by Keiko Takahashi is also our main focus of our publication.
   The "Big Cross" is the root of our existence and the foundation of the world in which we live. We believe that no matter how turbulent a time becomes, this firm foundation will surely provide us with an essential and indestructible core and support.
Dissemination of a New Civilization as Our Aim
     The present severe and unprecedented recession has been forcing the publishing industry into making drastic changes. We believe, however, that it is also an opportunity for us to take up once again our real mission of setting "Dissemination of a New Civilization."
  While Japan overcame its post-war national crisis by unleashing its economic power, it is obvious that what is needed at present is the unleashing of the "Human Force," which we can draw out as we return to our foundation, the "Big Cross." The "Computer-Assisted Self-Diagnosis" Events with cooperation from bookstore owners as well as the lectures by Keiko Takahashi have been presented at various locations throughout Japan in the hope that they will assist in the discovery of the new "Human Force" within each person.
  We plan to publish books in diverse fields based on the Total Life (TL) Human Principles advanced by Keiko Takahashi with the intention of examining how this new civilization can be developed in our society. It is no easy matter to respond to the calling of our time in a timely and correct way. However, we earnestly hope that we will be able to keep close contact, exchange opinions and work together with those who are in agreement with our aims in carving out our future.

Through Disseminating a New Civilization,
1. We will restore the deep bond with the Big Cross, the realm which supports us human beings from our foundation.
2. We will strive to liberate the "Human Force" within each person and let each person's irreplaceable potential to bloom.
3. We will discover the path for solving the problems of our time and society in a fundamental manner and to create a harmonious future for the world.