Keiko Takahashi, born in Tokyo in 1956, explains that at the foundation of the many challenges that modern society confronts, lies a hollowing out of the human being as many have lost sight of their origin of their existence as a soul that embodies eternal life. She expounds the doctrine of the soul that introduces a way to live each day as an opportunity for developing the soul and has compiled a system of practice principles and methods that serve this purpose. The dialogues that she conducts during her lectures reveal the paths of those who have transformed themselves and their lives to make positive contributions to society, inspiring and guiding participants to affirm the existence of the soul. Keiko Takahashi offers these studies through GLA, an association that she leads by way of seminars to address individuals across several demographics and career types. In addition, she also addresses professionals in business management, medicine, education, law, art, and other fields. Keiko Takahashiís lecture series circuit for the general public has been ongoing since its inception in 1992, with the number of attendants exceeding one million.The authorís many major works include: Era of Everyone Doing Their Personal Best; Realm of Hope; Discovery of the Soul; Calling: Trials Are Callings; Twelve Bodaishin; The Path of Prayer (Revised Edition); and The Reason Why You Were Born as You. English translations are available for The Path of Prayer, Revised Edition; Realm of Hope, To the Land Beyond; Discovery of the Soul; Beyond the Vast Wasteland; The Reason Why You Were Born as You; The New Human Force, The Grand Challenge; and The Principle of Hope.